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Bitte beachten: Studierende der HHU erreichen die CASUS-Fälle im Normalfall über das Studierendenportal:

Weitere Informationen zum genauen Ablauf erhalten Sie in diesem kurzen Tutorial in der Mediathek.


CASUS-Support: eLearning office medizin E-Mail:



Die CASUS-Plattform an der HHU Düsseldorf wird betreut durch das eLearning office der Medizinischen Fakultät. Ihr Ansprechpartner für die Erstellung neuer CASUS-Fälle oder bei der Einrichtung von CASUS-Kursen.

Some additional work July 10th from 22:00 CET, please expect around one hour outage!

Apologize for Infrastructure issue today July 10th 2024 from around 10-13:00 CET, the systems are up and running again. Our team is diligently checking for any potential side effects caused by the issue. To ensure a more permanent fix, we will be performing a full reboot of the entire infrastructure tonight. We understand that this disruption may have caused inconvenience, and we sincerely apologize for any trouble it caused.

Regular Server Maintainance each 1st Friday of the month 7-8am CET (important security maintainance will be performed inbetween), usually we expect only minor downtime and apologize for any inconvenience! In July 2024 we will have to perform a couple of security updates outside regular maintainance schedule, time window: Early morning or late evening to minimize disruption

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